16th April 2014

Well prom season is here. umm if you haven't done one already can you like make a cute lil au where like Clark asks Bruce to prom or maybe the other way around???

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This is the cutest prompt <3 <3

It was two weeks before prom, and Clark was sitting in his Economics class trying to convince himself that today was the day he should make his move.  He glanced one seat over and saw Bruce Wayne taking notes in German, thought putting a little crease in his forehead.  Bruce never took notes for class in English… he said that he’d get to study two subjects at once if his notes were in one of the several other languages he spoke.

He was so odd… and that was what Clark liked about him.  Since Bruce had transferred to Smallville High at the beginning of the previous school year, they had been good friends… practically best friends, and all because Clark saw that Bruce was lonely and wouldn’t let Bruce push him away.  But lately, he’d been thinking of Bruce differently… and he’d heard prom was supposed to be pretty romantic.  It’d be the perfect place to go from friends to… something else.

If Bruce was interested.

And if Clark could work up the courage to ask him.

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On Dec. 14, 2013 my house burn down so I lost my art supplies and tech I need to post my stuff. I'll just be reblogging lovely superbat things from lovely superbat contributors. <3 My family needs to have a new home still then I'll be working on getting all my stuff I lost.

Thank you all for your concerns and when I can I want to extend my thanks by drawing you all something for your kindness and talking to me when I was depressed. <3 you guys are the best~!


Update: I have a Laptop, Tablet and internet now. (SLOWTHO) AND a good amount of Art Supplies (Markers pens and coloured Pencil.) but i don't have a scanner yet....You're going to have to bear with me.
My family and I got a roof over our heads too but we will be moving out again once the 4 bedroom house is ready for us. T.Y~!

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